Posted on: April 23, 2009 2:06 pm

Detroit, Cleveland dont draft a QB high this year


The QBs this year may be decent but if they take other needs first they will be better suited un the long run. For a while, I have been telling people to look at the QBs coming out next season Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, Tim Teebow as well as the potential that other above average QBs explode next season to merit a draft look. the QB crop next season is probably one of the strongest in recent memory next year with atleast 4 who would merit first rounders. this is why the Browns can trade Brady Quinn he has great trade value. This is the exact reason why the Lions shoud take jason smith as well there will be quality QBs they should draft, just not this year. No matter who Detroit decides to draft they will not turn around the team in 1 season so build the line get an early pick next season and get a good QB then. They give donte culpepper a few more years because he can manage a game and give Drew Stanton a few chances while they develop which ever QB theyd get next year, and keep building a good young OLine.

As a Packers fan i am glad the lions are not smart enough to realize this.

The Browns should draft Michael Crabtree he will be a great receiver they can trade Braylon Edwards he drops too many and is in the last year of his contract the browns will not resign him or if they really want him will go for him next season while getting trade value from him this season. there are plenty of good receivers available and they can use the extra picks to end up drafting Brian Robiskie who has great hands and is a very pro ready prospect. They need a WR here they lost their 2nd and 3rd receivers this off season by releasing joe jurevicious and will lose donte stallworth due to legal issues that will most likely keep him behind bars for a long time

It may make sense for a few teams to draft a QB this season such as the Seahawks they still have Matt Hasselbeck who is a very good QB which will give any QB drafted this season a chance to develope and learn under an elite QB while giving them a chance to later reload at WR. it would also make sense for the Jaguars because it will challenge David Garrard and with Torry Holt he should be dominant again, but should Garrard continue to not perform they could use the QB they would draft this year maybe next season or the season after to replace him.




Posted on: March 15, 2008 4:31 pm

the Packers still set for a playoff run

the Packers still are the team 2 beat in the NFC north on offense our younger o linemen Scott Wells, Jason Spitz, and Daryn Colledge all have shown a lot of maturation at the NFL level helping open holes for Ryan Grant and protection of brett favre u cant win without an oline we still have the in my opinion most dominant tackle tandom in the league with Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton in the backfeild we have 2 good fullbacks in John Kuhn and Korey Hall each 1 can be moved 2 TE if they lose the position battle at RB we hav Ryan Grant he is a great runner who proved himself last year would be interesting 2 give him a complete year and c him run wild all season and the back up of Vernand Morency 2 let him have a break every once in a whileat TE we may hav released the underacheiving Bubba Franks but we still have Donald Lee who can block and catch better than bubba ne way at WR we still have the reliable hands of Donald Driver and the deep threat of Greg Jennings along with the hands of James Jones and Aaron Rodgers proved he can play in a game situation against the Cowboys keeping the game close and against the Patriots playing an entire half with a broken leg or foot or wat ever

and on d we have a great secondary with Al Harris and Charles Woodson who they might be getting old but they r still effective and Aaron Rouse, Nick Collins, and Atari Bigby all good safties on the like we got Aaron Kampman Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and Cullen Jenkins kampan an unbeleivably taented end jenkins a good run stopper with the ability 2 generate a little bit of a pass rush and KGB the pass rusher who can do a little against the run cause of his speed and the DTs Ryan Pickett Johnny Jolly along with Justin Harrell who any of the 3 hav the ability 2 start and at LB aj hawk and Nick Barnett both tremendous defensive athletes who always seem 2 b near the ball and brady popinga a run stopper who is a little suspect at coverage but still pretty good

special teams we need a little better return game hopefully Koren Robinson can return 2 his old form or Tramon Williams can return a few more for TDs but Mason Crosby is an accurate kicker who as long as we get it within the 40 he will pretty much give us the 3 and Jon Ryan dosnt give the other team good field position when he punts

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